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The Turkey Beard
 Display Ring

The Turkey Beard Display Ring is designed to hang the beard of a turkey using part or all of your empty shotgun shell. The "ring" fits snugly into the knocked out primer hole of any size spent shotgun shell. The threaded end of the "ring" threads into the fleshy end of the turkey beard and your turkey beard is that simply ready for hanging anywhere you choose.



The shotgun shell used to display your beard can be any gauge shell and can use all of the shell or have the plastic partially or completely trimmed from the brass hull. The brass can be polished to a shine and dates or places of the hunt can even be engraved or written on the shell.




What you Need and What you Get

The Display Rings are inexpensive and very easy to use.

You supply your trophy beard and your own shotgun shell.


A package of 4 Display Rings also contains a package of labeled instant preservative agent to dip the flesh end of the beard into, and complete easy assembly instructions.

There are no glues or wires required and the whole process takes only two minutes to complete.

The only tool required is a punch or blunt object to knock out the primer on the shotgun shell.

If you are using the "rings" on already cured or dried beards, you may need to pre-drill the fleshy end to get the threaded end started.